A high performing school with a Christian ethos


Our School

King’s is an ecumenical Christian school, which actively encourages an understanding of Anglican and other mainstream Christian traditions.

Our four core Christian values are

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

King’s School is committed to high academic standards. Every student at King’s is taught and supported so that they make excellent academic progress from day one.

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Christmas Card Competition

Here are the entries in our Christmas card competition. We like them all but only one can win!

  • Alfie Connolly
  • Anastasia Gray
  • Angelica Blake-Lawson
  • Anna Clay
  • Cameron Davies
  • Darcey Gibson
  • Darcey Gibson
  • Eloise Renouf
  • Emile Deaud
  • Esme Sewell
  • Harriett Placey
  • Harriett Placey
  • Isobel Doo Lawrie
  • Jasmine Morgan
  • Jessica Hayes
  • Kitty Bristow
  • Lola Blyth-Bentil
  • Maya Morgan
  • Nisha Davenport
  • Penny Matthews
  • Sophie Johnstone

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