KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 History
Term 1The Slave Trade   
Students will study the culture of African Society, the beginnings of and development of the Slave Trade. Students will also look at what life was like for slaves.
Assessment: GCSE style question - cause, consequence and inference.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Abolition and Civil Rights
Students will explore the abolition of slavery in 19th century Britain and the Civil Rights Movement in the Americas.
Assessment: GCSE style question - cause and consequence, inferences and judgements.Key Words and Terms
Term 3The Industrial Revolution   
Students will be looking at both agricultural and industrial change and their subsequent impact on population growth. Students will explore what the Industrial Revolution was and how it changed Britain.
Assessment: GCSE style question - inferences, cause and consequences, change and continuity.Key Words and Terms
Term 4The Development of Industrial Britain
Students will study this changes brought about by the Industrialisation of Britain, looking at interpretations of the new working class and talented individuals. They will also make links to the British Empire and colonisation as a link to their study of Black Peoples of America.
Assessment: GCSE style question - change and continuity, source-based evidence.Key Words and Terms
Term 5WWI   
Students will be looking at the causes of WWI, some of the key battles, the impact it had on Britain and the world. Study will also focus on the interim period between WWI and WWII.
Assessment: GCSE style question - causation and interpretation.Key Words and Terms
Term 6WWII
Students will explore the circumstances which led to the rise of Hitler and economic depression, as well as the causes of WWII and the impact felt worldwide, as well as Britain at home.
Assessment: End of Year GCSE style Assessment covering aspects of units studied across Year 8.Key Words and Terms