New Content

The new GCSEs, offered by each of the examination boards, were accredited by Ofqual in September 2014 after they had to re-submit their specifications and assessment structures to Ofqual over the summer.  Further information, accredited sample examination papers and launch meetings have been provided by the examination boards this October in order to inform schools of the changes.

Having received this crucial information we are now in a position to review and adapt our teaching in line with the new requirements.  We aim to ensure that our students are best prepared for these changes and that they enjoy exploring and applying mathematics of a more demanding nature.

New content to the Foundation Tier (Grades 1-5)
New content to the Higher tier (Grades 4-9)
New Grades

A grade 4 will be equivalent to a present grade C and a grade 7 will be equivalent to a present grade A.

Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions from the new GCSE. In addition to the new content being examined the key changes are that they require:

Stuck on any of these?! Here are the solutions!