Admissions Consultation (Year 7 admissions in September 2016)


Admissions Policy Consultation

We are consulting on a change to our admissions policy for September 2016 and subsequent years while we remain on our temporary site.

We intend to reduce the Planned Admissions Number from 150 to 100. This is because the accommodation on our temporary site is limited. Originally the intention had been for the school to have moved to its permanent site for the fourth year but we must now accommodate the contingency of being at our temporary location in Portslade for longer. (When the school moves to its permanent site we will consult again on reverting the policy to its current form and moving the school location for criteria 5 and 6 to the new site). Do you agree with this reduction in the Planned Admissions Number?

To respond to the consultation please complete the form below. Alternatively you may email us at

This consultation will run from December 17th 2014 until February 27th 2015.


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Planned Admissions Number

We intend to reduce the planned admissions number from 150 to 100 while we remain on our temporary site. Should we do this?