All free schools, like Academies, are governed by not-for-profit charitable trusts, which are closely monitored by the Audit Commission to ensure that they provide good value for the public money with which they are entrusted.

In the case of King’s School, the Governing Body is the Board of the Russell Education Trust (RET), a Government-approved academy sponsor. Information about RET's Trustees can be found on the RET website.

In each of its schools, RET formally delegates a range of its responsibilities to a Local Governing Body representing the community.  More information about this structure can be found in the RET Scheme of Delegation and the King’s School Governing Body Standing Orders.

Statutory information can be found here.

A close, consultative relationship exists between RET and the Local Governing Bodies of its schools and the views of local governors inform all aspects of RET policy.

King’s School Local Governing Body

The King’s School Local Governing Body includes the Headteacher, two elected parent governors and up to ten further governors appointed by the Trust.

Local Governors are appointed/elected for a 4 year term, and are currently as follows:


Appointer / Date:


Date stepped down (where applicable)

Katherine Laux (Chair)

RET/Sept 2021



David Brading (Vice Chair)

RET/Sept 2021

Behaviour and Attendance


Charlotte Flackhill

RET/Sept 2021

Behaviour and Attendance  

Karen Lynch

RET/Sept 2019


Geogy George

RET/Sept 2019


Ali Davis

RET/Sept 2019


Mala Kothari

Elected/Sept 2021

Sixth Form


Andy Talbot

Elected/Sept 2021

Inclusion, Health and Safety


Sarah Price (Headteacher)

RET/Dec 2014



Tom Hall

    August 2021

Cathy Colclough

    August 2021

Anna Webb

    December 2021


SFG: Safeguarding lead

INC: Inclusion lead

FIN: Finance lead

Contact the Governing Body

Contact should normally through the school administrative office. Further details of how to communicate with the governing body are on our Contact Us page.

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