Vision and Values

To inspire Christian values through:
  • High moral standards being modelled and taught
  • Celebrations for the whole school community at e.g. Christmas, Easter
  • A discussion-based RP curriculum
  • Regular collective worship
  • Strong links with the church 
  • Regular provision of  ‘quiet spaces’ within school for personal reflection
To inspire academic success for each individual young person through:
  • Recruiting and retaining the best staff and governance team
  • Delivery of a high quality curriculum
  • Teaching students to think for themselves
To inspire a respectful and safe environment through:
  • Recognising individual achievement and good behaviour
  • Modelling and encouraging a respect for self, staff, peers, school resources and society
  • Being supportive towards our staff and committed to their professional development
  • A clear uniform policy
  • A tight disciplinary framework based on the principles of Character Education
To inspire a sense of community through:
  • Parental involvement in the school
  • A ‘small school’ feeling – every child known by name
  • Encouraging positive interaction with the wider community
  • Teaching leadership and self-leadership skills